About Legitt

Legitt is a product and brand owned by Onitt Technology labs Inc.
Legitt is unique assistive platform to collaborate and create agreements, contracts and other legally binding documents from scratch or using open AI, manage (including the signing process) and track its status during and after signing. In addition contracts can be published as smart contracts on blockchain.

Legitt allows to upload your existing contracts, manage and track them. It can also provide AI based summary of docuements with few clicks.

Legitt helps you build intelligent and programmable contracts where you can embed triggers for tasks and notifications and reminders based on events in the document. The best part, it lets you create contracts that cannot be manipulated in any manner. Smallest of the change affects the legality and/or validity of the document.

Not only Legitt helps users in creating tamper-proof contracts, but the built-in triggers and actions let the contracts track important milestones and manage themselves with no or little human intervention.

Legitt is not just a 'system' that helps you create and manage contracts, it is your assistant for contract creation and management. Especially created for small and mid-sized teams, Legitt is the most trusted way to create your contracts, automate and track contracts.

The Team

Legitt has been founded by Harshdeep Rapal and Ravi Baranwal, who have a combined experience of 25+ years across Consulting, CEO Advisory and Entrepreneurship. The founders have earlier built and scaled products, projects and multi-nation programs for Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 organizations like the World Bank, TIAA-CREF, Conduent, HCL-Axon, Honda America and UNHCR among others.

The team not only comes with a strong experience in B2B space across the globe, but also complements each other’s’ skills to have both technical and business sides of the business covered in depth.