Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Assistive Intelligence Managing Contracts at Scale

Scale made Seamless. Integrate the power of Artificial Intelligence to track key events, manage milestones and renewals, assist and enforce compliance among stakeholders.

Especially built keeping in mind the needs of large and enterprise teams. Flexible, customisable, easy to integrate specific functionalities into existing IT systems ecosystem.

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Events, Alerts & Obligation Tracking

Keep your commitments in check with automated Alerts & proactive Obligation Tracking. Receive timely notifications, manage deadlines, and stay compliant effortlessly.

Avoid fines, penalties and plug revenue leakage.

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Automated AI Contract Review

Automate contract review with Legitt AI. Extract key clauses, important dates, events and milestones. Check contract strength, analyse existing clauses and suggestions on missing clauses in less than 10 seconds.

Accelerate contract review process. Strengthen contracts, safeguard your interests while saving hundreds of productive man-hours.

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Contract Review
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Workflows, E-Sign & NFT Signatures

Build and automate Collaboration, Approval and Signature Workflows. Sign documents with super-secure Legitt Sign or, futuristic NFT Signatures.

Legitt AI helps your organisation go paperless, collaborate effectively and maintain a trail of important events throughout the contract lifecycle. Stay secure, safe and future-proof.

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Customized AI Model Training

AI engine trained specific to your requirements. Custom trainings for contract generation, review and tracking. Effectively, enhancing, optimising and intelligently replicating and assisting current human process to achieve 10X productivity.

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AI Model
AI Model

Seamless Integrations

Leverage Legitt AI's capabilities using off-the-shelf and custom APIs. Seamlessly integrate with your existing IT applications to enhance and strengthen your applications ecosystem.

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