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Meet Lana, the Intelligent Assistant that works for you 24X7 to track and manage contracts on your behalf.

She is your AI Co-Pilot that assists and advises you at every step of contract management, right from creation to expiry. Lana not only helps in pre-signing stages of the document, but also actively tracks and manages contracts on your behalf once they are signed and live.

Lana is a new member in your team that works 10X harder than you.

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Use Legitt AI Contract Generator & Smart Templates to create contracts online with ease. Legitt Lite's vast repository of contract templates powered with AI gives you all the contracts you need to run your business.


Go Digital. Build extensive workflows with collaborators and signatories to eliminate the need of calls, emails and chats to negotiate, close and sign contracts.

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Sign documents online with ease with safety and security of Legitt AI. Eliminate the need of paper and physical signatures. Make every signature trackable and traceable.


Save hundreds of hours in reviewing contracts. Legitt AI reviews and analysis documents on your behalf and gives suggestions to strengthen the contracts and safeguard your interests.

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Track every important event, date and milestone automatically with Legitt AI. Always keep informed and never miss an important deadline.
Save on penalties, fines and plug revenue leakage.

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Choose free, exclusive templates for streamlined legal contracts and success.

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Jagdip Singh

Whizcamp Tech

I am so happy that Legitt is solving a big problem in the Contracts space, so happy to see what they have built, and signing up as a client.


Dr. Anshumali Bhushan

Genesys Gas solution

Legitt helped me manage all my contracts and legal documents as smart contracts in one place. I did everything on my own, never needed a technical team.