Invest with Confidence with Legitt

Legitt - Programmable Business Agreements that Manage Themselves. World's first Assisted Business Documents life cycle management with minimal human intervention. Leverage the power of Open AI and Blockchain.


What are we building and why?

Legitt is a unique assistive platform to collaborate and create agreements, contracts, and other legally binding business documents from scratch or using open AI, manage (including the signing process), and track their status during and after signing. Business documents can be published as smart contracts on the blockchain. Legitt allows you to upload your existing contracts, manage, and track them.

  • Create or upload contracts from scratch
  • Manage and track contracts effortlessly
  • Get a quick summary of contracts with just a few clicks
  • Create smart contracts on the blockchain
  • Request or receive payments securely on the blockchain
  • Specially designed for small and mid-sized teams
Create or upload contracts from scratch

Introducing Our Founders

Legitt has been founded by Harshdeep Rapal and Ravi Baranwal, who have a combined experience of 25+ years across Consulting, CEO Advisory, and Entrepreneurship. The founders have earlier built and scaled products, projects, and multi-national programs for Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 organizations like the World Bank, United Nations, TIAA-CREF, Conduent, HCL-Axon, Honda of America, among many others. The team not only comes with strong experience in the B2B space across the globe but also complements each other's skills to cover both the technical and business sides of the business in depth.

  • Friends for 12+ years.
  • Harshdeep is 80% business and 20% technical.
  • Ravi is 80% technical and 20% business.

Invest with Us

Sign contracts using our eSignature feature. Legitt AI Lite will guide you through the process of signing a contract, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any important clauses.

Guiding Principles

Our key guiding first principles are:

  • Nurture the DNA of an engineering design firm where the product sells itself.
  • Build a unicorn, with a very small team.
  • Global ambitions, from day 0.
  • Build a loyal community of "Happy, Paying Users".