Using Smart Contracts to issue Tamper-Proof Certificates

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Legitt makes the process of creating Smart Certificates easy and convenient

Certificates issued by various organizations and authorities serve as a proof of achievement/accomplishment for the party that has been issued the certificate. Many of these certificates are too important to land into wrong hands or misused by tampering them to alter the details.  

But, the problem is that currently there is hardly any reliable to check the authenticity of the certificates. Until you reach out to the authority that has issued the certificate there is no method for checking the authenticity. Even when the issuing authority checks the authenticity there are only a limited parameter on which the verification can be done. 

The second major problem here is that if you have to check the authenticity of the certificate immediately it cannot be done. The whole process may take from a few days to a few weeks and even months. 

Using Blockchain to issue ‘Smart Certificates’

Both of the issues mentioned above can easily be solved by using blockchain to issue certificates as smart contracts issues using blockchain. This ensures that no one can tamper with the certificates as the blockchain will make the certificate invalid if any information in it has been tweaked. Even the smallest change in the document makes it invalid.

It also resolves the second issue of traditional certificates taking days and weeks for checking the validity from the institute that issued them. If the access is made public, one can check the legitimacy and validity of the certificate in seconds.  

What is the easiest way to create a ‘Smart Certificate’? 

Legitt makes the process of creating Smart Certificates (also called Legitt Certificates) easy and convenient for users to create Smart Contracts in minutes. Once you create an account on the Legitt platform, you can use various templates to create the certificate or, also upload your own custom template for creating the certificate. Once the template is selected or uploaded, you can fill in the details of the person/organization for which the certificate has to be generated one by one or as a batch and generate the certificate.  

As a first step during generation of the Smart Certificate, the certificate is generated as a PDF and saved on IPFS and then created as a smart contract on the Polygon chain. Once the smart certificate is generated, the unique hash is generated for the certificate. This has and the information of the document is saved as a QR code that can be sent via email, chat (WhatsApp or Telegram et al). 

Legitt also gives the functionality of making the legitimacy check for the certificates as a public access. Once the certificate is issued, the legitimacy can be checked by uploading the complete document or just the QR code. It takes just a few seconds for the system to check the legitimacy. 

Try creating your account on Legitt and start generating your smart certificates right away.

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